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District Heating

A district heating scheme incorporates a network of insulated pipes which are used to deliver heat in various forms, from the generation point to the end user providing an efficient way to transport heat. Remote metering of district heating offers a range of administrative benefits, time and cost savings as well as huge potential maintenance and servicing advantages.

Following the governments implementation of the metering and billing elements of the Energy Efficiency Directive regarding district and communal heating and cooling projects Orsis have developed a district heat metering, monitoring and billing solution which is fully compliant with the current standard enforced by the National Measurements and Regulations Office (NMRO). Our complete end to end solution allows our clients to effectively manage their heat networks.

The Orsis solution for District Heating comprises of heat meters and data loggers with GPRS communication devices. Readings are taken from the heat meters on a half hourly basis and this data is communicated from the data loggers to the comms device using a low energy RF mesh. From here the data is sent through to the Orsis Head Office System using the GPRS mobile network. The data is then presented to the client via the Orsis Energize Web Portal.

Branded monthly bills can be automatically generated and emailed through to the client. The billing format is built to the client’s specification and can be amended over the course of a project. Full on-site training is given to all Orsis clients. This is supplemented with comprehensive user manuals and a UK based support team available via email and telephone during business hours. This support extends to assisting clients with ongoing data interpretation.

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