Sub Metering & AMR

Sub Metering is the installation of meters in addition to existing primary billing meters. This allows an organisation to accurately measure and record energy usage for individual areas across a site. Orsis specialise in the delivery of multi-utility sub metering installations in addition to data logging and delivery services that fully integrate with established aM&T systems to enable the effective management of energy consumption.

Benefits of sub metering:

  • Monitoring exactly when and where energy is consumed can identify where simple savings can be made and operating costs reduced.
  • Enables users to monitor energy saving schemes that have been implemented
  • Helps to highlight problems areas, such an excessively high consumption

Automatic Meter Reading or AMR is a method of providing accurate, remotely read data on energy consumption.
Meters provide information to consumers enabling them to make informed decisions on their energy usage, as a result allowing them to save money and reduce their carbon emissions. The half hourly energy consumption data from these meters can be sent to landlords/facility managers to ensure an accurate bill is issued to the end users. These readings can also be delivered to any third party energy platform for monitoring and reporting.

Benefits of AMR:

  • Accurate Billing
  • Understanding half-hourly consumption patterns
  • CO2 Reporting – helps businesses comply with the CO2 mandatory reporting
  • The ability to compare consumption patterns over multiple sites

Tenant on Charging

For commercial landlords, managing a portfolio of properties or separately billed units across a site can be challenging and time consuming. The Orsis Energize tenant billing solution ensures that energy is monitored and managed effectively and accurate bills are produced.
The tenant’s consumption data can be displayed on the Orsis Energize portal. The portal has many analytical functions that allow the client to monitor the entire portfolio, view individual units, overlay data from multiple sites and create alerts based on specific parameters in line with the clients risk profile. The software allows different charging structures to be implemented and can produce estimates based on individual user profiles. Data can be sent from the portal in all commonly used formats to third party payment systems.
Energize tenant billing enables you to offer your tenants an extremely useful added-value service, helping them to improve their own environmental policies and energy-management practices.

Energy Management

Energy management is the use of technology to improve the energy performance of an organisation and to be fully effective it needs to be an integral part of an organisation’s wider management processes and any corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy.
Orsis work closely with organisations to help identify their needs and motivations in order to define the metering strategies needed to deliver quantifiable savings. To accurately manage energy it is necessary for facility and buildings managers to understand how and where energy is being consumed.
Energy management can often be neglected, even though there is considerable potential to save energy and reduce costs. Rising energy prices, climate change legislation and the need to be environmentally responsible all require effective energy management.