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Orsis are a leading manufacturer and supplier of solar PV metering and monitoring solutions. We have a wealth of experience in individual single phase systems and large scale, multiple installations for housing associations and local authorities.

The Orsis SmartGen generation meter consists of an OFGEM & MID approved generation meter with an integrated GPRS modem and multi network, roaming SIM card. Orsis single phase metering solutions have been installed in over 35,000 domestic properties throughout the UK. Single phase export check meters can be installed alongside our generation meters in order to provide a complete billing service.

Data is delivered on a Half Hourly format on a Day+1 basis to the Orsis Sunrise Portal; our industry leading online monitoring platform. The Orsis Sunrise portal includes a comprehensive suite of analytical tools enabling users to establish the performance of individual and multiple installations. The Sunrise Portal is used to automate the submission of generation meter reading to select Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Licensees.


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