Introducing Orsis

Orsis (UK) Limited (Orsis) is an innovative provider of AMR metering technologies, including data collection devices, data retrieval and data delivery solutions. Our existing portfolio of products and services has been widely adopted throughout the industry in many varied markets and for multiple applications. Orsis deliver metering solutions into the fiscal metering market along with the sub-metering and micro-generation market.

Our metering technologies have developed to incorporate micro generation and environmental monitoring; leading Orsis to become one of the UK’s largest providers of remotely read solar PV total generation metering. Since 2011 Orsis have provided total generation meters to over 45,000 solar PV installations. Amongst our clients are large social Housing Associations, investment organisations and major utility companies including British Gas and RWE npower.


Company History

Orsis (UK) Limited entered the UK metering market in 2008 in order to participate in the UK’s domestic smart meter roll-out. Orsis are a registered Meter Asset Provider (MAP) and Data Retrieval company (DR). Since incorporation, we have chiefly operated through partners, including some of the UK’s largest BMS and energy management organisations. Our fiscal and sub metering solutions have been installed in many different environments, including prestigious locations such as Highgrove, Cabinet Office, Belfast City Airport, 80 Strand, National Football Centre and various NHS Trusts, Local Authorities and Educational establishments.

Orsis forms part of the Revenco Group of Companies, based in Guangzhou, China. Founded in 1994, Revenco is a leading hi-tech service provider devoted to integrated solutions, comprehensive operation support and new technology applications. Revenco has become a major IT service provider and has developed integrated systems in fields such as telecommunications, electricity supply, monitoring and metering, internet service provision, transportation and logistics, lottery systems, electronic payment, call centres, media, environmental protection, retail, finance, health care, food, insurance and real estate.

Case Studies

80 The Strand

The Building:
15 storey multi-tenancy commercial building situated in central London, with multiple high profile, blue chip organisations located within the building.

140 MID approved replacement meters to provide remote, multi-tariff TOC

Many meter points located in sub-basement plant rooms. Wide variety of working hours for commercial tenants. Requirement for zero disruption to tenants services.

Case Study

Orsis Solution:
Orsis carried out a pre-installation survey to identify challenges. Elster three phase meters with Orsis High gain antennas used to ensure GPRS connectivity. 140 meter points were replaced over a three week period with no disruption to tenants services. Client can now issue accurate bills to tenants and monitor energy consumption for Carbon Reporting purposes.

Flintshire County Council

The Project:
To provide AMR metering and monitoring for the Councils solar PV portfolio.

470 Orsis SmartGen meters.

In areas where network signal is limited, a high gain antenna was supplied to the installer that boosts signal to ensure data communications.

Case Study

Orsis Solution:
Orsis single phase meters were installed on all the PV systems. In areas where network signals are poor, high gain antennas were added to ensure GPRS connectivity. 470 meter points were installed with minimum disruption to tenants. Flintshire CC have recently announced plans to install another 400 PV systems where Orsis equipment will be used. Regarding monitoring of the systems, Orsis collect and display the data for Flintshire CC’s entire PV portfolio on the Orsis Sunrise Portal and automate their Feed-in Tariff submissions every quarter.

University of Limerick

The Site:
Voted The Times University of the year 2015 the campus comprises of multiple buildings across a 340 acre site.

204 meter points utilising a mixture of mainly data loggers monitoring consumption of electricity, gas and water across the campus to provide energy data that is displayed in entrances of main buildings. The data collected is also used for cross charging across the University.

To ensure accuracy data loggers were aligned to the readings of the physical meters.

Case Study

Orsis Solution:
Orsis carried out a pre-installation survey to identify challenges. Orsis data loggers are connected via a Local Data Concentrator Mesh network and routed through the Universities central computer system via Ethernet connections.


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