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Single Phase Solar PV

Orsis are a leading manufacturer and supplier of solar PV metering and monitoring solutions. We have a wealth of experience in individual single phase systems and large scale, multiple installations for housing associations and local authorities.

The Orsis SmartGen generation meter consists of an OFGEM & MID approved generation meter with an integrated GPRS modem and multi network, roaming SIM card. Orsis single phase metering solutions have been installed in over 35,000 domestic properties throughout the UK. Single phase export check meters can be installed alongside our generation meters in order to provide a complete billing service.

Data is delivered on a Half Hourly format on a Day+1 basis to the Orsis Sunrise Portal; our industry leading online monitoring platform. The Orsis Sunrise portal includes a comprehensive suite of analytical tools enabling users to establish the performance of individual and multiple installations. The Sunrise Portal is used to automate the submission of generation meter reading to select Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Licensees.

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Three Phase Solar PV

The Orsis Three Phase Solar PV solution uses the Elster A1140 Generation meter, connected via a link cable to the Orsis Local Data Concentrator (LDC). Half Hourly meter readings are taken directly from the meter registers, which are then sent by the LDC via multi network GPRS SIM cards on a Day+1 basis to the Orsis Back Office. Data is presented on the Orsis Sunrise Portal.

Multiple Elster A1140 meters can be connected to a single LDC using link cables, therefore reducing the overall cost of the installation.

This approach is ideal for rooftop and ground mount commercial PV systems and can be used with additional export check meters to create a comprehensive PPA billing solution, utilising the Orsis Energize Portal. Branded bills are automatically produced on a monthly or quarterly basis allowing the user to accurately charge their clients for the generated energy consumed on site.

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Renewable Heat

Orsis have a comprehensive range of heat metering solutions which have the ability to remotely monitor the performance of Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps (ASHP/GSHP), Biomass installations, Solar Thermal systems and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units. We supply a range of MID approved heat meters which meet the specification requirements for the Governments RHI scheme. The data is extracted from the heat meter using an Orsis Data Logger which collates information from the pulsed output of the heat meter calculator.

The data is then transmitted to an Orsis Local Data Concentrator (LDC) using a low power RF mesh network. Multiple data loggers can communicate with a single LDC, reducing the overall expenditure of the project. The data is then sent via a GPRS multi network sim card to the Orsis Back Office and is displayed on the Orsis Energize Portal.

Additional data loggers can be used to monitor the electrical consumption of either ASHP or GSHP units, utilising the same RF mesh. The two measurements combined provide essential data when measuring the Coefficient of Performance (CoP). The CoP is a calculation that measures the efficiency of the renewable heating system. The measurement defines the ratio of heating or cooling provided over the electricity consumed.

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