Software Solutions

We work closely with a number of businesses to develop our cutting edge monitoring platforms. The Sunrise Portal is one of the UK’s leading solar monitoring platforms, enabling our customers to safeguard their assets whilst maximising their solar PV yields. The Energize Portal in conjunction with our sub metering technologies provides an advanced solution for monitoring, bill validation and financial forecasting.


Energize Portal

To successfully manage energy it is necessary for building & facilities managers to understand how and where energy is being consumed. Rising energy prices, climate change legislation and the need to be environmentally responsible all require effective energy management.

The Energize portal simplifies every aspect of managing energy data. From mitigating supplier over charges to reducing internal administration costs, the portal displays information in a meaningful way through a suite of energy management tools enabling users to monitor, control and optimise the performance of generation and transmission systems.

Energize Features include:

  • 100% cloud based
  • Invoicing functionality
  • Alarms
  • Customised branding
  • Multi-user support
  • Access from anywhere
  • Energy dashboard
  • SSL encryption
  • Multiple utilities
  • Average profiling
  • Calendar view
  • CSV data export
  • Tablet compatible
  • kW v Production

Sunrise Portal

The Orsis Sunrise Portal allows the user to easily view micro-generation metering data. The portal can display daily Half Hourly generation data to establish the performance of individual and multiple installations. This data can be invaluable in comparing installations for performance monitoring and ongoing maintenance provision.

The portal displays FiT earned to date, as well as on a monthly or quarterly basis. This provides investors with invaluable information on how their investment is performing.

Data is displayed in a graphical format and can be shown in reception areas in public buildings. The Orsis PV portal is scalable to our customers’ requirements. Furthermore, it is our customers who have helped to shape the Portal and requested many of the analytic reports. This means the PV portal is constantly evolving to deliver a market-leading platform that provides generation data in a meaningful and concise way.

The Orsis metering system can deliver raw data in any format or protocol, most clients utilise the Sunrise PV portal as this system delivers both a micro-generation management platform, and also an asset management platform which helps to support ongoing O&M of the PV portfolio.

Meter reads can be taken daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly for FiT submissions. All reports can be exported to Excel for reporting purposes and claiming FiT.

FiT Reporting

Orsis provide a fully automated FiT meter read submission service directly to select FiT Licensees on a nominated date each quarter. This delivers the meter reads for portfolios without the need for interaction from the customer.